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SAP Enhancement Package Update

If you are already running SAP ECC 6.0 and updating the SAP ECC 6.0 Enhancement Package level, as long as you are running a 6.x version of the Vistex software (6.0D, 6.0E, 6.1, 6.2), you will not be asked to “retain” the Vistex software during the SAP Enhancement Package update, it is automatically retained.

The Vistex software does not need to be upgraded as part of the SAP Enhancement Package update, however the upgrade tool will automatically include the latest Vistex release and support pack level in the upgrade – you must deselect the Vistex components so that they are not upgraded!

If you choose to upgrade the Vistex software to the latest release as part of the SAP Enhancement Package update project, we recommend that you upgrade the Vistex software as a separate step after the SAP update is technically complete. See SAP Note 1069063 for important information.

  • Deselect the Vistex components during the upgrade so that they are not automatically updated to latest release/support pack level
  • If the Vistex upgrade is desired, perform the Vistex upgrade as a separate step from the SAP Enhancement Package update

For more information on upgrading the Vistex software, please see the Standalone Vistex Upgrade on SAP ECC 6.0 page.

SAP Notes

  • 1069063 – SAP EHP Upgrade Guidelines for the Vistex IP and DM Modules

Vistex is committed to supporting SAP Solution Extensions by Vistex for SAP Business Suite until 2030. This will ensure that your SAP landscape that includes Vistex add-ons maintains continuity of support—in the same manner that you have a seamless user experience with SAP and Vistex partner solutions.

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