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Pharmaceutical companies are facing unprecedented pressure in their drug development and commercialization. Developing new medicine takes an average of 10-15 years – from R&D, Preclinical, and Clinical trials test until the FDA review & approval. For every 5.000-10.000 compounds in the pipeline, only one is approved. Drug discovery and development is a long and risky road. This makes it necessary to identify ways to better handle this area.

With buying IP rights (intellectual property rights) companies can reduce their time to market. At the same time, the management of intellectual property Rights & Royalties is highly affected by global trends. One reason for this is that the business is changing and traditionally pharmaceutical companies can not manage the entire process from R&D to commercialization by themselves anymore. The second point is that companies have to collaborate to develop effective new medicines more economically, reduce time to market, increase R&D productivity, and mitigate risks.

By linking the royalty payment to the success of the product when it will be commercialized, you can lower the risk. Payments based on future earnings allow you to gain more control over costs and optimize profits. This is a key driver to step up your Margin Management.

Watch this on-demand webinar now to get to know the challenges that Life Sciences companies are facing when seeking for better R&D efficiency and how an increase of collaboration between companies in the form of royalties can help to grow the business.

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  • The long road of new Medicine development
  • What are the global trends in Rights & Royalties
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Alejandra Garitonandia - Business Development Manager for Life Sciences at Vistex EMEA

Alejandra Garitonandia
Industry Principal of Life Sciences at Vistex EMEA

Alejandra Garitonandía is the Industry Principal of Life Sciences at Vistex EMEA. She is specialized in revenue management for Pharma and has a background in medical and business educational studies. During her international career, she holds different positions in business and IT. Her specialization is where business processes meet the IT systems and how to support efficient end-to-end revenue management.

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