Cheney Brothers improve customer engagement and lift revenue 15% with SAP and SAP Solution Extensions by Vistex

How did Solutions for SAP help Cheney Brothers boost revenue by 15%, and productivity by 50%? By giving the food distributor’s sales force complete visibility into customer needs with real-time data, enabling faster reactivity and more effective management of vendor cost recovery from rebates and deviations.

"With our SAP solutions, we gained complete visibility into our business on day one. Our trucks left for deliveries from multiple facilities just 24 hours after going live – all during a company acquisition. We are now looking to the SAP HANA® platform and SAP Fiori® apps for even greater speed and usability."

Joseph L. Haber, CIO, Cheney Brothers Inc.

Foodservice distributors are facing significant industry challenges from industry consolidation, private-label product competition, and disruptive competitors, like Amazon, that have moved into the wholesale distribution space. These landscape challenges, combined with the complexity of food service distribution business process, has made it increasingly difficult for distributors to maintain razor-thin margins, let alone stimulate significant revenue growth and profits.

Gone are the days of managing manual deviations in slow and overloaded excel files. Inefficiencies abound with old-school management methodologies.

So what is a foodservice distributor to do?

To succeed today, food service distributors need a way to centrally manage contracts, quickly and automatically calculate prices based on business rules, leverage complex rebate programs, and systematically calculate chargebacks. End-to-end visibility and accuracy with suppliers and customers must be achieved to reduce discrepancies and eliminate overpayments. Vistex can assist you with the management of:

  • Chargebacks
  • Contracts and bids
  • Pricing
  • Purchasing Rebates
  • Price Protection
  • Promotions
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