If you’re experiencing challenges in any part of your business value chain relating to pricing, rebates, incentives, or promotions – this session is for you! The current business environment is complex, and there are no shortcuts when managing contracts and relationships among manufacturers, suppliers, and customers. That’s why it is more important than ever to gain visibility into complex pricing scenarios that are available at the time of sale. It is no longer enough to just manage pricing – you need visibility and in-depth analysis of pricing strategies in order to run your business in the most effective way.

Watch this session to hear how other manufacturers have solved these challenges and used price management to optimize their costs and grow revenue. We will discuss how you can use insights from your own data to find the best prices for your price requests, based on successful responses to similar request by similar customers, under similar conditions. We will also explore advanced analytic scenarios faced by real customers involving territory cost, hero articles, Point-of-Sale indices, margin trend analysis, vendor rebates, and more.

Learn more about:

  • Price optimization
  • Price guidance
  • Price corridor
  • Gross To Net comparison
  • Advanced analytics
  • Commission statements


Jose Carlos - Sales Director

Jose Carlos
Sales Director

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