Looking back at the history of the pharmaceutical industry, it was facing heavy pricing pressure and it became more difficult to maintain product margins. The utilization of disruptive technologies like leveraging the full potential of a revenue management tool seemed to be the holy grail and approach pharma companies have seen.

Business complexity is increasing and managing complex pricing models, tenders, contracts and analysis require a whole set of new thinking, starting with the groundwork and a foundation. It’s not enough to rely on a tool and expect a plug-and-play solution resolving all the problems. It requires a systematic approach to achieve revenue management excellence:

  • A standard structure and process
  • A cross-functional view on revenue management
  • The understanding of the scope and ability of automation tools

In our latest report Pharma’s Path to Disruptive Revenue Management together with Pharma IQ, a leading community hub for analysis, resources and tools for all aspects of the pharmaceutical field, we have elaborated important factors to consider when working towards a disruptive revenue management strategy. We have summarized key pain points on why pharma companies are struggling with operational silos and lack of visibility of control. The pharmaceutical industry needs a roadmap to move beyond ad-hoc revenue management to prepare themselves for the disruptive models on the horizon.

Join the journey and find out how Vistex can help to effectively build a revenue management process that:

  • Manages multiple pricing contracts, including complex rebates and MEAs
  • Automates time-intensive and error-prone processes in chargebacks and claim management
  • Ensures effective tender management with simulation and tracking capabilities
  • Identifies revenue leakages to boost product margins

See how it all adds up

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