The rising cost of healthcare has placed pressure on the entire healthcare delivery chain, including providers, payers, producers, and patients. In a recent Bio Pharma poll, more than 80% of healthcare executives identified pricing as the industry’s most pressing issue.

There is no doubt that governments are building controls related to price and market access. It’s no longer possible to rely on double-digit annual sales growth and rich margins from the past to overshadow pricing shortfalls.

"Data is the new Pharma currency." – Alejandra says in the webinar when talking about outcome-based Managed Entry Agreements. It is about the perceived value of medicines which leads to value-based pricing and forces companies to adapt their strategies.

The 2018 Gartner Hype Cycle for Life Sciences features Vistex as a recommended revenue management solution in the report that prioritizes investments and innovative technology.

Proactively preventing revenue leakage, defending against compliance issues with government programs and managing complexity in global prices and tender processes is crucial to stay ahead of competition. At the same time a native integration of your revenue management tool is key for real-time financial views.

In this webinar we are discussing new trends such as "value-based pricing" and "managed entry agreements (MEA)" and why it is more critical than ever to focus on transaction pricing. Learn more about the following components:

  • Government Response: Price Policies
  • Direct & Indirect Price Controls
  • The Value of Transaction Pricing

Presented by:

Alejandra Garitonandia - Life Science Business Development Manager at VistexAlejandra Garitonandia
Life Science Business Development Manager at Vistex

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