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The Must Have Pricing Journey for Winning Retailers

90% of Retailers feel the pressure to build an experience-based business model and strategy. Pricing is part of this experience, whether it is on the top or the bottom of the shopping criteria list. As a key foundation for profitable and reliable consumer relationships, the pricing strategy and journey is shaping your success.

There are different ways to provide value for Retailers like using Vendor Rebates Programs, improving your price management or using the Retail App by Vistex. All these ways can help to maximize your business profitability.

Nowadays the retail market is full of trends like new innovations, digital supply chains and ecosystems and a big focus on customer experience. The future is not waiting anymore, and commerce is everywhere. To stay up to date you need to start to use data profitably. Therefore, you must manage different data types consistently.

If you follow the 7-Step Pricing Journey for Winning Retailers, you can improve your Price Management and moving up the value chain with Pricing Optimization.

Watch the on-demand Retail Webinar to see how your company can be covered from data collection to performance optimization and machine learning:

  • Establish true margin using real-time evaluation across all retail pricing programs
  • Realize proactive changes of your corporate strategy by integrated analytics
  • Obtain full transparency of the promotion effectiveness in all Go-to-Market channels
  • And much more...


Davide Abis

Davide Abis

Senior Solution Advisor