cpRights makes it possible to maximize revenue and exploit all the available rights in multiple territories and formats.

Built in the cloud, cpRights gives you the tools you need to efficiently manage the complex rights associated with TV content production, acquisition and sales. Easily maximize revenue from your library by exploiting all the available rights in each territory or format, without relying on spreadsheets or manual solutions.

With cpRights, you spend less time dealing with details and more time doing deals.

  • Manage all your titles and contracts in a single repository.
  • Capture all data on productions, rights acquisitions, and sales and licensing deals in a single place.
  • Add exclusives, holdbacks, restrictions and other details that affect exploitation.
  • Know exactly what you have available to pitch, anywhere and in real-time.
  • Drill down to specific available rights and add them instantly to a deal.
  • Acquire and license at any level – from a complete series to individual seasons or episodes.

Manage TV content rights intelligently and effectively

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