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Simply do it with the Vistex Retail App

Margins in the retail industry are small, sometimes as low as 1%. Retailers need to gain every edge they can to optimize their operations for sustained profits. They need to understand the ripple effects of what promoting one product might have on the overall net margins, and how some product purchases displace others. These relationships are complex and time consuming to model accurately.

Intelligent pricing and contract management

The retail app by Vistex integrates key processes into a single user-friendly SAP-based tool to easily manage your contracts, negotiation and pricing strategies.

  • Supplier Programs – understand the costs of all the products you are purchasing
  • Pricing Management – consider external influences such as competitive pricing and examine different pricing strategies
  • Omni-Channel Promotions – address all complex promotions you are considering as part of your retail process

To stay ahead of the competition and increase sales performance it is important to successfully run your business from a strategical, tactical and operational perspective. Therefore, key retail players like Buyers, Sales Directors and Category Managers need a comprehensive insight on activities.

Discover how your company can easily manage their core activities by keeping a link between different organizational roles to evaluate the combined results of their actions into the final business profit.

Learn how you can:

  • Gain a deep understanding of consumer behavior and journey maps
  • Understand the true margin adjusted for all allowances and promotions
  • Optimize assortment definition to maximize ROC and shelf space
  • Improve ROI of negotiated vendors’ conditions

Presented by:

Farsad Ghafoor
Sales Specialist
Davide Abis
Sr. Solution Advisor

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