GTMS Vendor Programs: Manage Chargebacks, Purchasing Rebates, and Vendor Funding in the Cloud

With the rising sophistication of vendor programs, inefficient processes inevitably lead to inaccurate accruals, unrealized earnings and debit memo miscalculations. Stop leaving money on the table. Simplify your vendor programs – recognize and collect more revenue.

The Go-to-Market Suite® (GTMS) Vendor Programs application by Vistex is designed with compelling interactive visualizations, individualized dashboards, and advanced real-time analytical tools to enhance program performance, streamline your processes, claim monies owed and attain unrealized earnings in these key areas…

  • Chargebacks – get true visibility into your vendor/supplier claim programs and maximize cost recovery
  • Vendor Funding – automatically tracks fund utilization and validates claims to ensure accurate settlements
  • Purchasing Rebates – leverage sophisticated tools to model, administer, report and analyze all your rebate programs

Join us as we share an in-depth look at sophisticated tools for modeling, administering and analyzing your vendor programs. Improve your organization’s profitability with a flexible and convenient solution for your programs. Deploy Vistex any way you want – in the cloud or on premise – and with any ERP.

Presented by:

Cara DeGraff, Vice President of Product Management at VistexCara DeGraff
Vice President of Product Management at Vistex

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