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Vistex Solutions for SAP enabled Basamh to gain visibility, agility, and accuracy in their promotions management. Now It All Adds Up For Basamh

FMCG distributor Basamh plans to expand its presence into other Middle East markets. To increase production volume and sales, they needed to modernize their promotions management system and off-invoice agreements. The company’s current system supported all the group’s distribution channels; however, it was not sufficiently scalable or operationally efficient enough to calculate monthly provisions and closure processes long term. After concluding an exhaustive analysis of their large food accounts channel concluded, Basamh identified Vistex as the best solution for supporting their business initiatives, calculating best net customer pricing, and making promotions management more efficient.

"Vistex has helped Basamh automate and optimize the claims process, in addition to improving data quality, and ensuring future scalability."

Enterprise Solution Manager

Basamh implemented Solutions for SAP to manage on-invoice promotions, claims processing, rebates, and incentive calculations. Vistex Solutions for SAP was selected because it was embedded in SAP ECC and took advantage of SAP’s core environment. As a result, the software integrated with the Basamh distribution management model solution, allowing the flow of information between SAP ECC and Business Warehouse to be maintained without the need for additional systems integrations. The native integration with SAP ERP and its customer master records ensured unique data maintenance in any applicable channel management processes, including pricing, master data, order to collection, and more. Basamh also benefited from complete systemwide traceability.

Implementing Vistex Solutions for SAP optimized Basamh’s calculation processes and reduce the Customer Service Department’s administrative workload by automating processes and minimizing the total cost of ownership.

"Vistex has helped Basamh maximize claims processing and budget validations."

After a short implementation period, Basamh already identified that Vistex Solutions for SAP delivered notable improvements in applying the on-invoice promotions in the sales order and processing vendor claims reports without any manual intervention.

Some of the key benefits realized:

  • Reduced the tedious manual work across the departments in processing the vendor/customer claims and settlements.
  • Simplified the liquidation discounts across the sales and marketing departments.
  • Simplified sales goal data upload process without any performance issues.
  • Automated rebate and incentives processes, eliminating manual calculations and errors.
  • End-to-End reports, from vendor budgets to customer settlements, across Vistex processes.
    • Optimized on-invoice promotions capabilities and budget validations
    • 70% reduction in manual vendor claims processing


Basamh Trading Company is one of the leading fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) distributors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With 60 years’ experience, Basmh is a major force in the import of household names and joint-venture manufacturing.

  • Headquarters : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Industry : Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
  • Products : Fresh and Processed Food, Pasta, Honey, Water, and other categories