The building blocks for successful CRM and ERP integration

New eBook defines the building blocks of a program platform and shares best practices to help integrate new technology with your existing CRM and ERP systems.

Do you have a patchwork of ERP and CRM systems? Does managing all your systems and data feel like herding cats? Do you have data integration nightmares? If so, you’re not alone.

Companies use many different programs to connect with their customers and build profitable relationships. But most businesses do not have a platform to properly manage these programs—so they patch together different technologies to create a workable solution.

Build it. Buy it. Wing it.

ERP and CRM platforms do not have adequate coverage of the sales and marketing processes that support your programs. To get this coverage, you must choose between:

  1. building a standalone solution
  2. searching for off-the-shelf solutions
  3. customizing your ERP or CRM platforms, or
  4. continuing to run programs using spreadsheets

The Building Blocks

Providing a solid foundation for your infrastructure can be complex. Use these building blocks to construct a path to success:

The Building Blocks

How about your data model? Sales and marketing programs are data-driven; therefore, it’s important your data is structured to deliver a 360-degree view of customers and partners.

Are you happy with your integration framework?

Does your current technological environment limit your ability to deploy the types of programs and tools you need? Do changes to your programs take too long and cost too much? Do you have siloed data and multiple versions of the truth? Do your customers need to remember multiple passwords to access various program benefits?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you, my friend, are having trouble with integration points. A standards-based integration framework prevents these challenges, enabling you to seamlessly integrate tools and services for customers, without creating islands of data or incurring ever-escalating integration and maintenance costs. Think of it as the technical equivalent of plug-and-play.

Program Applications

The final building blocks are the various applications and tools that power your programs. If your organization is like most, you have a mix of internal and third-party applications. Perhaps a few of them meet your needs, but it’s important to address the ones that are falling short. Then you have the whole ‘build, buy, improvise’ decision process all over again.

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