Gain insight into program success and gross-to-net profitability

Learn how Vistex helps leading High Tech companies manage all contracts and special price agreements, customer and distributor rebates, channel inventory, price protection, and marketing funds in comprehensive manner that provides insight into program success and gross-to-net profitability.

We will explore how to empower your employees:

  • Arm finance teams with unprecedented visibility into gross-to-net profitability and get access to a comprehensive, documented audit trail. Gain automated calculation and management of: commissions/SPIFs, ship and debit, SPAs, bids, rebates and channel programs, contract pricing, deals, price protection, and more.
  • Enable your sales team with real time information into contracts and agreements to provide analytical insights that help them drive sales. See how to bring visibility into special pricing, commissions, SPIFs, SPAs, rebates, and on-order promotion processes through forecasting and profitability modeling.
  • Support the organization with single data source that reduces business risk by improving data accuracy, reducing manual errors, and enabling users to quickly react to changing contracts and market conditions.

Presented by:

Jeffrey Mok, Sr. Solution Engineer at VistexJeffrey Mok
Sr. Solution Engineer at Vistex

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