Digitalization has opened the door for new business models, additional sources of revenue, higher involvement of the customer in pricing processes and creative pricing models, and more. It affects all aspects of price management and paves the way for innovation that transcends the individual steps in the pricing process.

Data-based commerce already contributes more to global growth than the exchange of goods. In fact, data is the core resource for the world’s most valuable companies. Watch this webinar on-demand today to see pricing expert, Frank Frohmann, discuss the latest trends in digital transformation and examine the value of data as a resource.

The challenge for pricing consists of two dimensions:

  1. Pricing data as a value driver
  2. Optimizing the prices of innovative digital services produced based on data

These two sources of revenue are interdependent since data provides the basis for digital services, which in turn generates new, highly valuable data. Frank will show how the value of customer data can be clearly seen in the example of search engine operators.

Search engines like Google and Baidu coordinate advertising customers (companies) and information users (business and private customers). In the context of the platform business model, customer information is the key resource and source of revenue. The more users they have, the more data companies like Google and Baidu possess.

Watch on-demand now to find out how innovative businesses put revenue and price models to work to help generate a sustainable competitive advantage that is based on cross-industry experiences.

Learn more about:

  • Current Trends, essential technologies and customer needs
  • The 3-lever-model of Digital Pricing: Business model, Revenue model, Pricing Process
  • 7 C of Digital Pricing
  • Innovative price models + Examples
  • The digital pricing process and pricing psychology
Frank Frohmann - Business Development Manager at Vistex

Frank Frohmann
Business Development Manager at Vistex

Frank Frohmann, Business Development Manager at Vistex, has 25 years of marketing, sales and pricing experience from a variety of industries including automotive and industrial goods & machinery. His innovative digital pricing approaches are based on his extensive pricing competencies gained while covering inhouse consulting, operative pricing and yield management with leading companies like Lufthansa, Bosch, Evonik, Simon-Kucher, Homburg & Partner, and Roll & Pastuch.

His book, Digital Pricing, is the first work that combines Digitalisation, today’s most important business megatrend, and Pricing, the most effective profit lever.

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