Ultra-flexible rights management and royalty engine ensures efficiency and accuracy of monthly royalty reporting

Codemasters is an award-winning developer and publisher of franchised auto-racing video games. Faced with the need to implement a new royalty system in light of an ERP changeover while still meeting the financial obligations to their brand owners; Codemasters reached out to Vistex for help.

License Maestro by Vistex is the premier licensing software for brand owners, licensees and agents.

Read how License Maestro enabled Codemasters to maintain a database of key rights information along with a powerful and flexible royalty engine for calculating and distributing royalties efficiently and accurately.

"License Maestro gives us the agility and accuracy we need to efficiently manage complex royalty calculations and payments"

– Karen Owen, CBS Manager at Codemasters

Download the case study and learn how Codemasters solved their most complex royalty calculations.