Channel Rewards Program Boosts Bottom Line

Our client – a leader in printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure – partners with thousands of resellers who are responsible for 70% of the company’s sales. The company offers cash incentives to their partners’ sales team via a channel rewards program that encourages them to recommend and sell specific products and solutions.

Channel partners have become a key conduit in reaching a broad customer base, and incentives are critical to driving business results. The right incentive program – one that effectively engages partners and maximizes results – is essential. Not all partner rewards programs are created equal, as our client discovered.

"The Client’s sales incentive program was plagued by a number of problems, including a complex infrastructure, underutilization, fraudulent claims and budget."

The client’s sales incentive program was plagued by a number of problems, beginning with the program website being used to determine qualified sales rebates. A complex interface, underutilization, fraudulent claims and budget pressures also contributed to the trouble. The client attempted to resolve this issue by promoting program incentives through its monthly partner newsletter; however, the promotions would get lost among the volumes of other content.

Building a targeted, high-impact rewards program

The client engaged Vistex to develop a best-in-class channel partner rewards program from the ground up, along with a communication solution that would raise program promotions above the noise to encourage proactive engagement among partners. The end goals: improve partner participation and satisfaction, increase sales of participating products, reduce the number of fraudulent claims prior to payment and decrease administration costs.

Vistex worked hand-in-hand with the client to introduce an entirely new, multi-faceted partner incentive program that delivered on these objectives.

  • Streamlined program – Made it faster and easier to submit claims by consolidating multiple promotions and claim processes
  • Desktop Alert Tool™ – Increased claim and sales volumes by approximately 50% by elevating program promotions above the noise and immediately notifying partners about program updates
  • FraudCheck™ reporting package – Generated over $100,000 in savings annually by continually identifying fraudulent and invalid claims – at company and participant levels based on both unit and rebate volumes – equal to 1% of the total claims submitted
  • TrackIt™ customer service module – Delivered significant annual cost savings through decreased customer service inquiries by allowing the client to monitor frequently asked questions, develop automated replies, assign inquiries to the most appropriate individuals, and automatically capture and report on inquiries and response

Communicating with partners more effectively

Proactive engagement with partners – and significant increase in sales – depended considerably on the ability to capture their attention. Vistex’s Desktop Alert Tool, a utility that participating sales people can download to their computers, fit this bill by facilitating timely communication, elevating program news above the noise, and counteracting those sales that would have occurred despite the incentive program.

"The client increased claim and sales volumes by nearly 50% while realizing $100,000 in annual cost savings by reducing fraudulent and invalid claims"

Using this tool, partners can subscribe to different product lines, receive alerts through a branded icon for only those products of interest to them, and link to the program website to view, save and print alerts.

The tool automatically publishes alerts when promotions are added, removed or will soon expire, and when changes are made to a promotion – such as the addition of a new product. Program administrators can configure alerts that can’t be system generated, such as changes to the program’s rules and publish these alerts any time. Ninety days after launch, claim volume and sales had increased by almost 50%.

Communicating with partners more effectively

By implementing a new partner rewards program – and innovative communications tool – the client has increased claim and sales volumes by nearly 50% while realizing $100,000 in annual cost savings by reducing fraudulent and invalid claims. What’s more, the program generates true product demand, counteracting sales that would have occurred despite the program.

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