Vistex solution improves processing of high-volume transactions


With a catalog spanning one hundred years of popular music history, vintage ballads, classics from the rock ‘n’ roll years and pop best-sellers, Carlin Music is one of the largest of the few remaining independent music publishers in the UK.

Founded by industry legend Freddy Bienstock in 1966, and still owned by the family, Carlin has titles by virtually every major recording artist, and prides itself on the long relationships between its staff and the writers and composers with whom it works.

As an international copyright company, Carlin knows the importance of having a software solution that helps them manage all rights acquired, administered or sub-published globally. The company chose to upgrade to iMaestro – Vistex’s enterprise copyright, licensing and royalty management software.

“iMaestro offers the 21st Century approach to music publishing,” commented David Protheroe, Copyright & Royalties Manager at Carlin.

“iMaestro provides us with the information we need to effectively manage our global administration. We also plan to use it to enhance our existing royalty tracking procedures with real-time reports that will allow us to further analyze the financial performance of the company. iMaestro will help us continue to provide our writer and publisher clients with the high levels of service that are demanded from a leading independent music publisher.”

"The feature set in iMaestro is impressive, and we’re extremely pleased with the flexibility and functionality."

– David Protheroe, Copyright & Royalties Manager - Carlin Music

An exceptionally flexible and scalable solution, iMaestro can be configured to meet the unique needs of any business across multiple territories to ensure the accurate registration and management of all rights, efficient processing of high-volume transactions and an optimized workflow for licensing catalogs.

“The speed at which we can now add, register and update copyright data for new and existing catalogs has increased significantly,” said
Protheroe. “The feature set is impressive, and we’re extremely pleased with the flexibility and functionality offered by Bulk Amendments. In addition, the Portal enables us to provide our clients with a modern, streamlined and personalized royalty statement delivery service.”

“We have a 25-year relationship with the Counterpoint Suite team.
They have always assisted and provided solutions to any issues we have raised and provided in-depth training in key areas. We rely on them to supply us with market-leading music publishing software,” stated Protheroe.

Key features of iMaestro include:

  • Common Works Registration – create a standard file that can be sent to collection societies simultaneously for registration of works.
  • Bulk Amendments – update values for multiple works, clients, composers, IP chains and many more.
  • Enhanced Statement Delivery – automate the delivery of your summary sheet and royalty breakdown statements.
  • Online Portal – iMaestro provides access via an online portal enabling clients to transparently and efficiently share data, including royalty statements and balances.

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