A Complete Predictive Reporting and Advanced Analytics Solution

ViZi® is an enterprise reporting and analytics platform that collects and connects data from all your go-to-market activities. Its predictive analytical capabilities provide your business with the foresight to forecast, adjust and course-correct as necessary.

With ViZi® you’ll be able to see the return on promotional investments, review underperforming sales territories and misaligned incentives, expose revenue leakages, optimize margins, and more.

An Integrated Visual Reporting Platform for the Full Line of Vistex Solutions


Create statement layouts using the included designer, and publish the benefits of participation and program performance for rebates, royalties, commissions and other incentives and reimbursements.


Get operational reports as well as application embedded, real-time analyses of your proposals and actions on program effectiveness.


Leverage powerful dashboards with advanced visualizations that offer actionable insights into program participation and performance metrics.


Combine statistical analyses, behavior models, performance simulations and advanced machine learning (segmenting customers, predicting lift, optimizing prices, and more) to solve real business problems with true data science.

Key Features

  • Integrates seamlessly with Solutions for SAP, Go-to-Market Suite® and VIBES
  • Optimized for the entire range of Vistex software, extending core capabilities for peak performance
  • Provides an advanced PDF statement designed to generate payment backup documents to collaborate with your business partners
  • Reads data from Vistex solutions in real time without costly data replication
  • Provides sophisticated visualization that goes beyond generic chart types to present relevant information clearly
  • Integrates Machine Learning and advanced Data Science as a basis of success for data-driven business decisions
  • Displays data visualizations and analytics as part of daily business activities, allowing users to navigate from dashboards to apps and take direct action
  • Pre-delivered with analytical templates for a variety of program types and industry-specific scenarios to help accelerate utilization
  • Quickly aggregates the right data to feed analyses and deliver accurate insights
  • Deployment options align with your data center infrastructure and performance needs