Optimize your global presence with an enterprise publishing system

Digital consumption is revolutionizing the music industry but creating more challenges than ever before for music publishers. Not only are revenues under pressure but administration complexities are also increasing with the influx of digital data. You need to ensure accurate registration of your rights, efficient processing of high volume royalty transactions and an optimized workflow for licensing your catalog.

Scalable enterprise copyright, licensing and royalty administration

For large independent and major music publishers operating on a global scale, iMaestro is the leading solution for administering publishing catalogs, allowing the efficient management and registration of copyrights. License catalogs, process royalties, pay clients and build global networks by seamlessly transferring information between all users of Counterpoint publishing and label applications. The system automates tasks and delivers reliability, scalability and efficiency.

Solution Benefits

Solution Benefits

  • An enterprise system that can scale as your catalog grows and your business expands globally
  • Deep functional scope that covers the business nuances across all major exploitation territories
  • A highly scalable royalty engine capable of dealing with high volumes of data
  • A powerful CWR engine that handles complex, multi-territory song setups
  • Easily accessible financial reporting at the level of granularity that you require
  • Full integration with a client portal allow you to transparently and efficiently share data
  • An end-to-end licensing tool that allows you to maximize your catalog exploitation