Grow sales performance with a flexible rebate program

With the right rebate program you can stimulate sales behavior that will enable you to reach revenue objectives and reward your channel partners for goal attainment. Selecting the right partner goals and reward levels while managing your program budget is often a delicate balancing act, requiring real time monitoring and on-the-fly variations.

Rebate management and forecasting made easy

channelRebates allows you to easily build and manage multiple rebate scenarios simultaneously to accommodate the varying needs of business units, partner types and geographies. Add sophistication to your program by “stacking” incentives to provide a tiered structure to reward top performers. Instantly optimize your program by making real-time changes to the program mix. Because channelRebates utilizes POS data to automatically calculate rewards, no claiming is required.

Give partners visibility and control

Your partners will enjoy the ability to track their rebate performance progress at any time within the Benefit Statement. Partners can model rebate earnings based on their sales forecasts, and can easily download qualifying sales data – providing transparency on rebate earnings and reducing your helpdesk support cost.

Solution Benefits

Solution Benefits

  • Automatically calculate rewards using POS sell-through data
  • Develop predictive rebate models before you launch using Scenario Builder
  • Make real-time changes to the program mix
  • At-a-glance, up-to-date performance summaries for partners and vendors