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Grow sales performance with a flexible rebate program

  • Leverage our flexible rebate calculation system to automate your simplest to highly complex rebates from planning to payment
  • Model multiple scenarios to estimate the financial impact of your programs in advance
  • At-a-glance, up-to-date tracking, giving partners visibility into their performance
  • Integrates with Salesforce

With the right rebate program you can drive sales behavior that will enable you to reach revenue objectives.

Rebate management and forecasting made easy

channelRebates allows you maximum flexibility to create rebates attached to nearly any sales component. Whether it be quarter over quarter or year over year performance, product or business unit sales or their behaviors, like net new customers, or services attached, you’re driving. channelRebates gives you the ability to set up the rebate you need. Furthermore, channelRebates can support management of your rebates across multiple business units and geographies in a single instance.

Give partners visibility and control

Your partners will enjoy the ability to track their rebate performance progress at any time within the Benefit Statement. Partners can model rebate earnings based on their sales forecasts, and can easily download qualifying sales data – providing transparency on rebate earnings and reducing your helpdesk support cost.

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