A flexible claim-based promotion tool that adapts as your needs evolve

A dynamic and evolving product mix is vital for you to remain relevant in the marketplace. However, running promotions to support your ever changing mix can be complex and difficult to manage globally. Accommodating variations in claim forms and reward calculations can be problematic as many programs require complex reward calculations. For your channel partners, the claiming process can be tedious, in part, because partners must substantiate proof of performance and transaction information.

Create new programs or make changes to existing promotions quickly and easily

channelPromotions makes managing complex global promotions easy! Design and manage multiple programs simultaneously based on segment, region, tier, eligibility and more. Quickly add or modify programs without the need for IS support. Proof-of-performance documentation can be attached to the claim to facilitate compliance auditing. Validation can be performed by you, or by our Program Management Team, who streamline your administrative process by providing user support and facilitating reward payments upon claim approval.

Solution Benefits

Solution Benefits

  • Manage multiple promotion types simultaneously
  • Offers registration processes terms and conditions acceptance
  • Support complex structures including product bundles and stacked promotions
  • Configurable forms capture the information you need to validate reward activity
  • End-to-end process of promotion management and reward payment
  • Flexibility to target promotions only to eligible partners