These are challenging and unparalleled times. Our thoughts are with those impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak and we will continue to support global measures being taken to slow the spread. Our highest priority is the health, safety and well-being of all members of the Vistex community, to safeguard our customers, partners and colleagues alike.

Vistex will continue to closely monitor the situation and follow recommended guidelines. The following are the direct measures we are taking to provide continuity of our business operations and availability in support of yours.

Remote Work: Team members around the globe are already mobilized to serve our customers through remote connections, enabling associates to work off-site for most tasks. Specifically, our Development, Program and Solution Delivery teams are positioned remotely to produce seamless services. Your Vistex partner has or will be in contact with you to address your needs without ‘requiring’ on-site project work whenever warranted.

Infrastructure and Support: All internal systems and tools are designed for remote work. These measures are in place worldwide with no disruption in service or business operations. Likewise, Vistex Consulting Service teams are working from remote sites as needed, in line with regional guidelines and in consultation with customers.

Security: Vistex’s technology Infrastructure is a global network that includes Points of Connection (POC’s) on multiple continents for global load balancing. Remote working is fully supported for employees and end user equipment is hardened and configured for ‘zero trust’ environments. Remote workers are instructed to maintain contact with the Vistex global network via encrypted VPN to ensure all security and maintenance work continues without interruption.

In addition, Vistex uses contemporary cloud computing platforms for development, business functions such as email, and backups to ensure that these are all highly resilient. And, Vistex SaaS solutions and products are hosted in N+1 data centers with redundant power and internet connections and are configured to enable failover to alternate data centers if ever needed.

Safety On-Site: Where on-site work is required and authorized, our staff is practicing social distancing and appropriate hygiene measures.

Suppliers: Vistex operations are supported by strategic suppliers. We are in continuous contact with them to ensure they maintain uninterrupted and first-rate services.

We realize these are uncertain times as the world navigates this pandemic. Vistex will continue to monitor and heed the counsel of governments and experts alike. In the meantime, if you have any concerns or questions, please contact

Sanjay Shah
Founder and CEO
Vistex, Inc.