Increase your chargebacks recovery rate

Retrieving eligible chargeback collections can mean the difference between profit and loss. Vistex provides an integrated approach to managing complex tasks including contract updates, transaction processing, amount-due calculation and invoicing, documentation and reconciliation of vendor responses, resubmissions, and detailed financial postings. The solution provides the ability to examine and manipulate data from many perspectives and gain real-time visibility into transactions, processes and programs.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility to manage any type of chargeback program, including contract price, % off, fixed amounts and tiered
  • Automatically calculate chargeback amounts due
  • Gain complete visibility into transactions, processes and programs
  • Define, document and track processes and workflows
  • Track program changes and sign-offs
  • Gain visibility into chargeback info and true margin
  • Add real-time reporting and advanced analytics capabilities
  • Gain ability to retroactively process eligible transactions
  • Get comprehensive reconciliation capabilities to process disputes

Vendor Funding

Improve collaboration between partners and customers

Vendor funding programs contribute to higher margins for distributors and retailers, but with multiple documents and approval requirements to manage, tracking claims becomes a source of frustration and errors. Vistex offers a comprehensive, integrated solution that enables businesses to better negotiate programs and events, while automatically tracking fund utilization and the submission of claims to ensure accurate settlement. Leverage powerful analytics and performance data to minimize claim validation steps and ensure rapid, accurate payments.

Features and Benefits

  • Plan, budget, and track funds received from vendors
  • Accrue funds based on a percentage or value of
  • Capture and collect fixed amount funds to spend as you please for discretionary spend
  • Provide proof of performance for funds based on contracted events or actions
  • Optimize spend with notifications for unused money

Purchasing Rebates

Simplify purchasing rebate programs, recognize and collect more revenues

Income from rebates can make a major contribution to wholesale distributors’ and retailers’ margins. Vistex offers a comprehensive solution featuring sophisticated tools to model, administer, report, and analyze all your rebate programs – whether they’re based on volume, growth, or a combination of multiple criteria for customers and products. The solution delivers deep, actionable insights into program performance, allowing you to take timely action to ensure that your rebate programs maximize value.

Features and Benefits

  • Track quantity, percent, and flat tiered volume and growth purchasing rebates
  • Improve accuracy by including or excluding customer sales in rebate calculations
  • Adjust program criteria midstream and retroactively recalculate amounts due
  • Record pre-determined objectives and achievements to align with vendor payments
  • Maximize payments with optimal purchasing volumes
  • Gain granular allocation of rebates to determine true profitability