Retrieving eligible monies from vendor-driven cost-recovery programs is a key source of revenue. Effective management of those programs will help protect your margins and improve visibility into the entire process, from procure-to-pay to order-to-cash. Vistex provides an integrated solution to managing complex, time-consuming vendor program tasks including contract updates, transaction processing, amounts-due calculation and invoicing, documentation and reconciliation, resubmissions, and detailed financial postings. The Vistex solution allows you to perform post-execution evaluations of programs and strategies, ensuring optimal value from future programs.

Vistex offers the power of an enterprise solution that allows you to improve the overall performance of your programs, streamline your processes, claim all monies owed, and recover unrealized earnings that had previously slipped away unnoticed. Ensure smooth collaboration with partners across the value chain with sophisticated tools for modeling, administering, and analyzing your vendor payback programs. By simplifying the way you run your programs, you’ll improve their overall performance, recognize and collect more revenue, and reduce your cost of goods. As a result, your company will increase topline revenue, lower overall costs, and boost profitability.

GTMS Vendor Funding


Get true visibility into your vendor/supplier claim programs – and maximize cost recovery.

Co-Op & MDF

Automatically track fund utilization and validate claims to ensure accurate settlements.

Purchasing Rebates

Leverage sophisticated tools to model, administer, report and analyze all your rebate programs.

Price Protection

Safeguard margins when price reductions are initiated by trading partners.