Channel Tracking

Gain end-to-end visibility into inventory, from channel partner to end customer

With up to 20 percent of revenue typically tied to claims, businesses need an effective way to manage inventory, associated claims, and rebates to and from channel partners. Vistex not only manages direct sales and quantities to the channel partner, but also inventory sold to the channel partner through other partners. Both order value and quantities are tracked for product valuation. Standard inventory costing methods such as LIFO and FIFO can be used for inventory valuation. With integrated serial number tracking, valuation and validations can even be done at the serial level.

Features and Benefits

  • Control inventory tracking hierarchy and dissemination of information
  • Use inventory pools to validate claim pricing and quantities for accuracy
  • Process partner data automatically, including POS, inventory and claims
  • Compile inventory reports on moving inventory and current inventory status
  • Track inventory levels at various distribution centers as well as inventory transfers
  • Analyze sales-in, sales-out (POS), returns, inventory, in-transit and uncredited RMAs


Gain control of your billback programs and increase profitability

Millions of dollars are lost annually in claims processing due to inaccurate accrual processes and claim validations for manufacturing billbacks. Vistex enables manufacturers to manage the entire claims process, from agreement creation to claim receipt, validation, accrual and settlement of customer funds. Vistex enables a closed-loop process and automated calculation of billback amounts due to customers while also providing insights to manage and/or dispute partial claims.

Features and Benefits

  • Gain visibility into your most profitable products, distributors, customers and geographies
  • Validate billbacks against active contracts with full supporting details
  • Record accruals and billbacks in full compliance with financial regulations
  • Reduce claim processing costs, errors, disputes and delays
  • Minimize profit leakage

Co-Op & MDF

Create an unbeatable advantage with your Co-Op & MDF funds

Co-Op and MDF fund programs require an enterprise-wide structure for end-to-end visibility and program management to tackle the complexities of planning, enrollments, fund allocation, utilization (spend) tracking, collections and approvals. Vistex offers a comprehensive, integrated solution to help businesses cut costs, view critical analytics and performance data, increase transparency into effective utilization, minimize the back-and-forth of claim validations, and stimulate greater satisfaction for – and loyalty from – valued channel partners.

Features and Benefits

  • Effectively manage funds and balances
  • Streamline and automate approvals, claims, requests and payments
  • Gain complete visibility into program financial data and metrics
  • Optimize MDF and Co-Op spend utilization and performance
  • Reduce processing costs, errors, disputes and delays
  • Increase the satisfaction of your channel partners

Sales Rebates

Streamline sales rebate program management

Manual processes make it hard to ensure accurate management of sales rebate programs. Without an enterprise solution in place, errors in claims and calculations can diminish your profitability. Vistex facilitates all aspects of your sales rebate programs, helping increase sales and market share. Wholesalers can track the status of rebate programs, perform accurate accruing for earned rebate revenues and liabilities, settle rebates on schedule, and report all rebate activity with financial and profitability analysis statements.

Features and Benefits

  • Forecast, plan and track quantity, percent, and flat tiered volume and growth sales rebates
  • Calculate member payments based on buying group behavior and vice versa
  • Improve value by incenting customer performance with rebates tied to measurable objectives
  • Perform midstream evaluation to optimize program performance and retroactively recalculate amounts due
  • Communicate payout thresholds to spur additional revenue opportunities with partners