Large companies lose millions of dollars annually because partner claims processing is poorly managed. For many, up to 20 percent of their revenue is tied to claims. They desperately need an effective way to manage inventory, associated claims, and rebates to and from channel partners in order to minimize missed opportunities to properly collect and settle claims.

Vistex offers an efficient, highly automated approach to managing trade and channel programs, with sophisticated tools to administer vital processes from start to finish. Advanced reporting tools provide important insight into program and partner performance, and powerful analytics provide visibility into spend, effectiveness and ROI, letting you drill down to see the numbers by customer, product, supplier, geography, and other dimensions. The Vistex solution optimizes your programs, maximizes spend effectiveness, minimizes profit leakage, improves administration efficiency, cuts processing costs, reduces errors, improves cash flow, enhances customer and partner satisfaction, and, most importantly, increases your profitability. Take control of your trade programs with an automated, end-to-end solution to manage your inventory, claims, and rebates.

GTMS Trade and Channel


Automate and gain control of manufacturer claim programs for increased profitability.

Co-op & MDF

Market your products better by making it easy for valued partners to use marketing development and Co-op funds.

Sales Rebates

Facilitate all aspects of sales rebate program activity including modeling tracking, analyzing and reporting.

Channel Tracking

Provide full visibility into accurate inventory data – from channel partner to customer.


Gain control over the tender and RFP process from start to finish.

Deal Registration

Reduce channel conflict and manage partner pipeline.