Rights & Usage

Take the complexity out of rights and usage

Getting the most value out of your intellectual property means exploiting your rights to the fullest. As rights are continually carved into smaller, sellable dimensions, businesses can derive royalty income from multiple sources for the same piece of content. Vistex offers a powerful, rights and usage solution that strips away complexity, giving you real-time availability and insight into where, when, and how you can exploit your intellectual property even further. The solution provides a central repository, allowing you to drill down into the specific combinations of rights dimensions with greater clarity than even before. Equipped with a 360° view of your available rights – and the ability to automatically calculate today’s complex royalty models – you’ll maximize royalty income and realize new revenue potential in your intellectual property.

Features and Benefits

  • Leverage a central repository to maintain contracts and automate calculations
  • Real-time, trusted data enables more confident IP decisions
  • Maximize revenue with real time availability and clearance reporting
  • Deliver an accurate rights picture for consumers of content in your business
  • Deliver comprehensive compliance tracking and audit trail with visibility into guarantees and advances

Royalties Monetization

Recognize revenue and successfully manage royalty programs

Poor management of royalties programs can lead to erroneous payments and unhappy partners. Vistex’s royalty management solution accurately calculates royalties by automating, validating, and facilitating the processes that can make the difference between profitability and loss. The solution helps define royalties due at a product level, based on sales activity, minimizing the risk of nonpayment liability and creating a reliable system to support audit requests from licensors and IP owners.

Features and Benefits

  • Gain complete flexibility in calculating royalties
  • Integrated approach to contracts, calculations and data
  • Receive customer royalty details with inbound reporting data loads
  • Gain insights into customer royalty details owed
  • 360° view into full audit and compliance tracking
  • Proactive visibility into accruals, forecasting and allocation