Mismanaging licensing rights and royalties can lead to erroneous payments, broken trust with partners, and a negative impact on your bottom line. An effective rights and royalties management solution enables companies to manage content and assets, exploit and identify opportunities, and track the source DNA of royalties for products, technology, endorsements, rights, or joint development.

Vistex offers a solution that accurately calculates royalties and rights by automating, validating, and facilitating the processes that can make the difference between profitability and loss. Sophisticated tools streamline tracking and data management, ensuring that royalty monies owed or due are administered accurately. The solution provides a central repository, allowing you to drill down into the specific combinations of rights dimensions with greater clarity than ever before. Equipped with a 360° view of your available rights – and the ability to automatically calculate today’s complex royalty models – you’ll maximize royalty income and realize new revenue potential in your intellectual property catalog.

GTMS Rights and Royalties

Content Licensing

Simplify your rights management to ensure accurate and extensive content exploitation.

Content Payments

Comprehensive rights capture and management to guarantee accurate royalty calculation and reporting.