Price Management

Manage complex pricing challenges with ease

Today, as product offerings proliferate, it is critical to have visibility into complex, rapidly evolving pricing scenarios. Beyond managing pricing structures, businesses need to be able to determine true-gross-to-net profitability down to the component level. Vistex provides unprecedented visibility into complex pricing scenarios offered to channel partners, manufacturers, and customers. From agreement initiation to analytics, Vistex gives you a comprehensive audit trail to document all your buy and sell-side programs.

Features and Benefits

  • Central repository to efficiently approve and validate pricing
  • Improves tracking of reviews and approvals
  • Automatically update records with mass maintenance of pricing and effectivity dates
  • Enables “what if” scenarios that boost profitability
  • Powerful analytics provide comprehensive visibility into the effectiveness of pricing programs

Bids & Quotes

Simplify bid and quote processes from inception to analysis

Nothing undermines profits and harms customer relationships like incorrect bidding and quoting of contracts. Vistex provides unprecedented visibility into bid and quote processes and automatically determines pricing through user-defined formulas and high-low targets. You gain the ability to define, manage and create pricing agreements, including performance tiers, eligibility requirements, sales channel restrictions, and other complex terms and conditions. You’ll also get access to price execution and analytical tools to manage the full lifecycle and all processes, from initiation to analytics.

Features and Benefits

  • Centralized, automated management all aspects of pricing
  • Comprehensive analytics: waterfall analysis, simulations and what-if modeling
  • Instant, automatic calculation of pricing using rules, policies and qualifiers
  • Automatic contract creation from bids or quotes
  • Mobile price-quoting tools: quote in the field with up-to-the-minute prices
  • Easy, fast publication and sharing of quotes, proposals and price lists

Deals & Offers

Drive customer purchasing behavior to support your goals

The breadth and complexity of pricing scenarios needed to run today’s businesses can be hard to manage. Vistex streamlines deals and offers with features that clearly define terms and automatically apply qualifying discounts or promotions based on your business rules. You can track and evaluate limited duration price arrangements for multiple qualifying products at the time of order entry. Vistex provides the insight necessary to analyze true margin and show the complete gross-to-net, component-by-component for individual products or entire product groups.

Features and Benefits

  • Manage, review and track deals and offers while generating audit data
  • Discount individual products and structure deals relevant to your business
  • Present applicable deals at time of order entry
  • Determine program eligibility and qualification to manage deals with variable qualifications
  • Control what happens when an order qualifies for multiple deals, with selection logic, stacking deals, deal incompatibility, and more