Leverage robust incentive programs to drive revenue

Aligning quota and territory goals to motivate your salesforce is both time consuming and labor intensive. Vistex offers robust sales compensation plan management capabilities for territory, quota-setting, forecasting and incentives management. Compensate employees on the value they generate – not just on gross sales revenue – and motivate them to achieve goals for growth and profitability by offering incentives that align with company objectives.

Features and Benefits

  • Track salesforce behavior in real-time
  • Gain true visibility via forecasting and profitability modelling
  • Design flexible, business-defined approval and audit processes needed for accurate pay-outs
  • Gain real-time product level tracking
  • Centralize tracking of performance and tie ROI back to incentives


Calculate patronage payments accurately and efficiently

Lack of accuracy and cumbersome reporting functionality reduce insight into calculations and patronage payouts. Vistex offers a complete solution to ensure accurate and efficient calculation of patronage payments to members. Maintain, track and report on member patronage accounts and deliver an efficient, automated approach to managing all patronage fund disbursements and allocations. Vistex works with your financial system of record to determine patronage eligible profits, then calculates the patronage rates by category or commodity for each business unit.

Features and Benefits

  • Improve visibility into patronage calculations and upcoming retirement earnings/payouts
  • Provide members with immediate access to stock and/or retained earnings
  • Manage equity transfers between patrons
  • Eliminate home-grown systems, cumbersome technology, and wasteful IT maintenance
  • Access historical information, calculations and patronage payouts

Loyalty & Rewards

Create lasting, profitable loyalty

Acquiring and maintaining mindshare and loyalty can make or break your sales goals. Vistex offers a points-based loyalty portal that empowers you to engage your direct sales staff and indirect channel partners to encourage appropriate behavior and increase sales. Ensuring that all partners, individuals and teams derive tangible benefits through earning and redemption opportunities that align to the partner’s business model will generate a shift toward the desired partner behavior.

Features and Benefits

  • Tailor reward options based on role/region/country/tier/vertical or other segmentation
  • Configure, track and report on all of your reward program KPIs
  • Fulfill all types of rewards and payments globally at the local level
  • Access global reward gallery: merchandise, travel, gift cards, pre-paid cards, digital media
  • Manage program communications and customize based on hierarchy segment