Channel Payments

Ensure timely, accurate payments to channel partners

Smooth payment execution is the cornerstone of all successful channel programs. Vistex enables businesses to accelerate the payment process, lower the administrative burden, and rapidly disburse funds across nearly 200 countries and 135 currencies by consolidating payment processes in a single global platform. Robust capabilities ensure timely, accurate payments, reducing your operating costs and increasing partner satisfaction. The solution also provides exceptional visibility into payment status while allowing payees access to payment details and tracking.

Features and Benefits

  • Payment capabilities in 135 currencies
  • GAAP compliance and SSAE 16 certification ensures successful payments
  • Global Benefits Statement enables resellers to track payments
  • Fund Manager tool provides real time view into transaction activity
  • Flexible payment options including EFT and ACH
  • Improved partner satisfaction
  • Reduced support costs due to fewer inquiries
  • Lower payment fees by consolidating payments
  • Robust security and controls

Payment Resolution

Optimize the order-to-cash cycle

Accelerating the matching of payments to receivables reduces days-outstanding, lowers administrative costs and, not least, keeps customers happy. Vistex offers a comprehensive matching and reconciliation solution for managing complex, high volume payments. By importing EDI/IDOC/BAI2 files into a pre-processor the solution matches the oldest open items and amounts according to customer, document, amount, and tolerance rules. Checks are either cleared automatically or moved into the post-processor for review, utilizing a user-friendly workbench to apply or review payments to receivables.

Features and Benefits

  • Review checks and payment files, and validate against open invoices as part of a review process before clearing
  • Semi-automates the matching of deductions and amounts due with payments based on configurable rules
  • Provides complex algorithms for “splitting” large checks and/or payments from one payor for multiple sold-to entities
  • Exception handling when customer underpays and/or takes unauthorized deductions