Effective go-to-market strategies depend on clean master data. Vistex offers a solution that ensures accurate data on material, customers, and vendors — all readily accessible to ensure better decision making around marketing and selling objectives. The solution streamlines end-to-end business processes, giving users the freedom to customize views that simplify and improve data entry accuracy and maintenance. Built-in efficiencies include automated approvals through workflows and leveraged rules for data validation and governance. User-friendly automation tools define, enrich, validate, approve, and syndicate your master data for partners and products.

The Vistex solution helps businesses meet deadlines on product innovation cycle times by checking, reviewing, and auditing the data before it gets passed forward to material or article masters. Compliant with all government regulations, the solution provides single-point access for customer and vendor record updates. Vistex provides a complete, unified picture of all customers and vendors, mitigating the challenges of sustaining valid data for customer and partner lists. The solution is scalable and supports unlimited user-defined attributes, tabs, and fields. Customize how you organize and display your partner information to match your unique needs.

GTMS Master Data

Products & Partners

Maintain, enrich, validate and approve customer, partner and product data via a single point of access.


A data cleansing and enrichment engine that streamlines and simplifies data management.


Keep track of partner certifications and facilitate compliance in line with contractual obligations.