Contract Administration

Streamline contract management

Negotiating accurate terms with your suppliers and customers is critical to successfully taking your products to market. Flexible entry tools for metrics and obligations plus full redlining capabilities put contract authoring into one comprehensive solution. Formally controlling this process enables you to more effectively manage contract commitments that increase your margin and market share while giving you access to a comprehensive audit trail throughout the process.

Features and Benefits

  • Directly enter non-trade contracts to procure indirect products and services
  • Control and track rules and non-sales compliance metrics with your channel partners
  • Reduce manual errors with a single point of data entry
  • Provide portal access to all parties for contract negotiations including redlining
  • Automate approvals according to business rules via email/attachments


Facilitate compliance with contract terms

Compliance is not only about enforcement; it’s also about helping your channel partners to satisfy or even exceed their commitments, and to earn rewards or better pricing or contract terms for doing so. Vistex offers a comprehensive compliance solution that enables businesses to effectively monitor and evaluate contract terms based on measurable commitments, including revenue and purchase targets, market share, or non-sales metrics. The solution provides exceptional visibility into the progress of the parties over the duration of the contract, making it easier to meet expectations, avoid last-minute surprises, and maximize benefits.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides accurate view of progress throughout contract duration
  • Encourages partners to meet or exceed commitments
  • Facilitates onboarding of data from external systems
  • Minimizes disputes and promotes productive partner relations