Feature will help facilitate the exploitation of Rights for content owners and distributors

London, UK – April 1, 2015. Vistex, Inc., the global leader in pricing, incentive, rebate, royalty and channel program solutions, announces a new version of Availability Reporting for Media Maestro 6 – the complete rights management and royalty calculation solution for content and channels.

Availability Reporting is the only tool capable of delivering extreme performance and high-volume catalogue reporting with real-time calculations based on contract data. The tool addresses more targeted customer sales queries with the flexibility to provide results in multiple ways, ensuring maximum accuracy and helping to minimise the risk of conflicting sales.

Key Features include:

  • Enhanced avails query builder – questions the search performed so that users can ask a variety of different questions for a more accurate result
  • Advanced reporting – allows users to adjust the way results are provided:
    • Limit searches to particular types of title, filtering by custom content metadata or returning results at a specific series or individual episode level.
    • Include data related to unavailable titles or titles that are partially available for the specified rights.
    • Provide start and end availability dates
  • Real-time query builder – estimates the size of the results set so users can tailor the query to return a meaningful and manageable amount of data.

Designed to enable quick results regardless of the amount of data, Availability Reporting also provides an attractive summary view with the option to investigate deeper and provide results broken down individually by territory, right or any other dimension.

Vistex will be demonstrating the new enhanced feature at the NAB Show (13 – 16 April) Booth N7631. Learn more about Media Maestro