London, UK – December 15, 2016. Vistex® (UK), the leading provider of rights and royalties software solutions to the music, entertainment and licensing industries, announced that Nanada Music B.V. has chosen iMaestro, the Vistex Counterpoint Suite’s flagship music publishing solution, to manage its music publishing administration.

“We are delighted that Nanada Music B.V. has upgraded to iMaestro. Nanada has been with us for a long time, and we’re very pleased that they’ve chosen our software once again. In today’s complex music industry, companies need software and support they can trust.” said Phil Bird, Head of Sales at Vistex UK.

Frank Geerdes, CFO at Nanada Music B.V., complements this viewpoint: “Having worked with Counterpoint – now Vistex – for more than 25 years, we feel that they are the trusted solution and partner when it comes to music publishing administration software. Nanada required a robust and flexible system, with user-friendly interfaces. iMaestro offers just what our team expects in terms of copyright and royalty administration in the 21st century, and we know it will serve us well into the future. We also have a responsive support team in Vistex that steers us in the right direction.”

Nanada Music B.V. is the latest company to join the Vistex client list, which includes more than 450 customers spanning music publishing record labels, media, and brand/IP licensing. The Vistex Counterpoint Suite provides the market’s leading rights and royalty software solutions to clients as diverse as BT TV, Paramount Home Entertainment, Fox Networks, NBC Universal, BMG Rights Management, Warp Records, Domino Recording, Unilever and Nokia.

About Nanada Music B.V.
Nanada Music B.V. is one of Holland’s oldest independent music publishers, founded in April 1968 by Willem van Kooten. Since, Nanada has gathered a great amount of musical treasures in its portfolio, among which a large number of gigantic, international hits dating back to the last century – like Shocking Blue’s “VENUS”, Focus’ “HOCUS POCUS”, Teach In’s “DING A DONG”, Earth & Fire’s “WEEKEND” and the Stars on 45 project

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