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A dynamic and evolving product mix is vital for relevancy in the marketplace.  However, running promotions to support your ever-changing mix can be complex and difficult to manage globally. Accommodating variations in claim forms and reward calculations can be problematic. The claiming process is tedious, partly because partners must substantiate proof of performance and transactions.  When all of this is done effectively, promotions will incent sales for your products, which can include anything from your sales teams claimable SPIFs to partner level claimable incentives, or even bundled solutions or end-of-life products. Without the right planning and resources in place, the execution often fails.

The right planning and resources can come down to, if you’re lucky, one simple tool that manages the myriad of rewards and promotions. And as with any promotion planning tool, the success nearly often stems from a flexible platform that allows for constant updates, schedule changes, and an easy to navigate, clearly defined interface.

Here are the Top 10 Benefits of Promotion Platforms:

  1. Ease of use – for administrative and configuration of promotions.  Vistex can have a new promotion configured and ready to go in 1-2 weeks.
  2. Flexibility – for customized fields.  You can create the necessary fields to capture data from your partners for reporting, including simple questions.
  3. Enrollment features – some of our clients use a simple promotion for partners to accept terms and conditions, they can then capture the registration data through a simple promotion.
  4. Simplicity – for your partners to submit claims. The claim site is easy to understand and quick, as it takes under five minutes to submit a claim.
  5. Calendar functionality – for date fields.
  6. Payment information – for any questions or inquiries. This information can be accessed through search claims, cutting down on payment questions.
  7. Variable labels – for differentiation. This allows for classifying promotions by type and name.
  8. Flexible rebate amounts – for easy updates in the claim process. With auto multiply, your partner can request the amount and/or rebate percentage.
  9. Helpdesk – for questions from partners on claims, including automated email notifications on claim status, bulk email capability including email blasts for invitations for enrollment and friendly reminds to claim or enroll.
  10. Global support – for customer service available in 30 languages.

Vistex Solutions offers several different modules, including Rebates, Promotions, Wallet, Co-op & MDF, Benefit Statement and Global Payments. All modules have reporting and metrics ranging from claim to project and activity, ROI, payments, to product information and rebate amounts. 

Let us know if Vistex can help you subtract the inefficiencies and usher in the innovation, adding up to a robust rewards platform that, is easy to manage and, more importantly gets your channel partners the Incentives deserve when they need it most!