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"In year one we saw a 75% reduction in our aged receivables, we increased our gross profit by 3% over the operating plan. We attribute a lot of that to Vistex."
LeeAnne Slulligan
Director of Information Systems - Ateeco, Inc. (Mrs. T’s Pierogies)


Foodservice manufacturers are faced with a variety of market channels, each with its own needs.  Direct sales to distribution companies often require the ability to intelligently apply promotional pricing and trade spend programs.  These same distribution companies may also serve national accounts, schools, and other contracted end-customers, which result in deviated pricing claims.  Re-distributors may also be active with channels, extending distributors' pricing and incentives. Implementing, executing, and monitoring such a variety of trade spend programs, regardless of channel, can be complicated, slow, and costly. Additionally,  royalty management for licensed images and endorsements,  buying group incentives, brokers, and trade show traffic, can severely impact a company’s financial performance without a robust system in place to manage and evaluate these processes. Vistex solutions allow Foodservice Industry customers to implement best practices for the critical business processes necessary to effectively manage revenue.


Solution Benefits

By investing in an integrated enterprise solution, foodservice manufacturers can:

  • Increase revenue tied with promotional and trade spend programs
  • Reduce invalid deductions by distributors
  • Lower TCO and operational costs
  • Better manage trade spend payouts
  • Lower working capital for trade spend liabilities
  • Improve profitability and competitive advantage
  • Streamline maintenance of master data that drive business transactions
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